How to improve the condition of Medical Insurance India?

Posted by Aman / on 02/15/2011 / 0 Comments


The present condition of medical insurance India shows that majority of people in India; almost 85% are uninsured and are paying for their medical expenses from their pocket. This rising medical cost has deprived many people of quality healthcare. Many families have become the victim of financial stress. Before this scenario exacerbates, there is a need to encourage people to buy medical insurance. It would improve this condition of medical insurance in India and would also make quality medical treatment accessible for them. It is not difficult for insured individuals to avail medical care from the hands of experts, when required.

The Government and the associated bodies, such as medical care providers, regulators, health insurers, should look into the required measures to encourage people to buy medical insurance. Above all, the biggest role is to be played by medical insurance providers.

Apollo Munich, a joint venture between the Apollo Group of Hospital and Munich Health, has come forth with the innovative ideas to fulfill people's health needs so that medical care is no more a matter of concern. The fiscal coverage offered by these products let patrons enjoy their life to a greater extent.



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